Personal Adventure Automat
By Jakob, Philipp and Simon, 2014

You stand in front of an vending machine, promising you the "Adventure of your Lifetime". Encouraged by the dodgy showman you gather all your strengh and push the button! Instantenously an envelope is dispended by the vending machine. In it a mobile phone that rings. On the other line is a voice, describing your own situation: „She was staring at the vending machine, then at the mobile phone in her hand. Suddenly she was overcome with the urge to go left.“

The Personal Adventure Automat is a interactive telephone-performance for one person. The machine promises participants an adventure tailor-made for them, transforming the everyday environment into a wonderland full of stories. In fact, an actor inconspicuously tracks the players and can therefore react individually to actions. At the same time, there are extras that meet the player. It is always the player, that is in the center and decisive moment of the story. This creates a game situation that is perceived as safe and inspiring, and enables interactions that are not possible with other interactive projects. For example, reflections on one's own life or the response of unknown persons.

„Als man mitgemacht hat, kam es einem so vor wie eine Auszeit aus der realen Welt, in der realen Welt.“ – CTRL-Blog

The Personal Adventure Automat has been shown at several festivals in the past and is always adapted to the specific location. With every individual performance the story also adapts to the individual player.

Personal Adventure Automat Performances

  • 2014: Streetlife Festival Wien
  • 2015: Playin' Siegen und Urbanize Wien
  • 2017: Districta23 Wien