Clara, Philipp, Waldritter, 2024

The traces are unmistakeable. We follow them. We ca hear them. Yet, we know hardly anything about them: .creatures-

Even though we have discovered numerous traces a sighting of a .creature has yet to happen. We have, however gained some insights into their behaviours and habits: their presence is often linked to somewhat unexpected urban environments. There seem to be various types of .creatures and we have started an attempt at cataloguing them. However: most questions have yet to be answered.

One of our teams has recently discovred fresh traces in the city of Vienna, Austria. Hence we will commence a thorough investigation and amplify our research activity there on the 6th April 2024. Any clues or observations from the public are vital in this endeavour!

About the project
This cooperation between Waldritter and play:vienna combines live action role playing with experiential education and urban game. The collaboration explores gaming concepts that create accessible concepts for public change within the discourse of the climate crisis and transoformation. Through the development of the gaming concepts we share our methods with each other, in the context of international youth work. Findings are being documented and will be made available.

As part of the Klima Biennale Wien, we will test first prototypes that deal with the questions of activism, sustainability, attention and collaboration. They are about agency not apathy.

Both visitors of the Biennale, but also bystanders are invited to come and play. If you can't be on location, you can follow our Instagram account for (live) updates on the state of our research. (mostly in German)

Direction: Waldritter e.V & play:vienna – Dennis Lange, Frauke Rubarth, Clara Hirschmanner, Philipp J. Ehmann Team: Wanja Neite, Bine Scheler, Gina Nick, Dome Korczak, Jonas Boor Guests: Julia Nordholz, Jan Stahlhut, Sam Pflaum, Christian Boberg, Alexander Sulz Behind the scenes: Nadine Groß, Jakob Schindler-Scholz

This exchange was made possible through Erasmus+ founding, as part of a small scale partnership for quality development and capacity building.