Weeping Angels in Floridsdorf

Saturday, October 17
Arnoldgasse 2/7, 1210 Wien
Wien, Österreich

*Weeping Angels Urban game in the dark

Public spaces make different situations possible, create closeness and distance, and allow the common use of many. Various regulations, precautions, but also self-imposed restrictions can restrict this freedom. To use given possibilities playfully as free spaces for common use is therefore always to be understood as a political act. It is a matter of conquering urban areas anew and also reconquering them.

The urban games of Play:Vienna actively deal with the architectural conditions of the city, its streets, squares and courtyards and change our perception of ourselves, of others and of space. Within the framework of urbanize!, Play:Vienna invites you to play the cult classic "Weeping Angels", a collective game in which darkness becomes an important ally.

Play:Vienna starts at 19:00, 20:00 and 21:00, each with registration! A game run lasts about 1 hour.

Registration required at urbanize.at