Casting Siedler

Saturday, May 9
Oswaldgasse 35, 1120 Wien
Wien, Österreich

Due to the current situation (keyword COVID-19), no rehersals are currently taking place. We are also postponing the premiere indefinitely; if the situation changes for the better, we will set a new one. Until then: stay healthy!


We're looking for participants from Kabelwerk, Schöpfwerk or Alterlaa for our theatre piece "Die Siedler von Süd-Wien"! If you're interested come to one of our weekly rehersals!

Premiere 9th May

Currently there are no weekly rehersals! //* Kabelwerk every Wednesday, 7pm. //* Schöpfwerk every Thursday, 7pm. //* Alterlaa

If you have any questions just get in touch: 0681 84 10 31 01

More information:

A co-production of WERK X and Play:Vienna.
Founded by SHIFT III