Siedler von Süd Wien

September 12 - October 23
Oswaldgasse 35, 1120 Wien
Vienna, Österreich

Die Siedler von Süd-Wien A theatrical urban play by Play:Vienna in cooperation with WERK X

Everyone is suddenly talking about the "right to the city", but what exactly does that mean? Is it just a matter of stopping the speculative housing market? What would our city look like if the residents had the say, and what do the residents have to say? This is where the participative project "Die Siedler von Süd-Wien" comes in. Through theater and games, it seeks to call for self-empowerment. In the coming weeks and months, play: vienna wants to explore Kabelwerk, Schöpfwerk and Alterlaa together with the people living there. The goal is to set up an network between the three Siedlungen and create new communities, with a focus on utopian change in one's own hometown: openness, self-empowerment, and community building (both within the Siedlung, as well es with the other Siedlungen and with people from outside).

The project will start in mid-September with open living rooms in the three Siedlungen, and is scheduled to expire in May 2020.

Open living rooms from 12.09.2019 to 23.10.2019 Locations: Kabelwerk, 1120 Vienna; Am Schöpfwerk, 1120 Vienna; Alterlaa, 1230 Vienna

  • 12.09.2019 - 18.09.2019: Kabelwerk
  • 19.09.2019 - 25.09.2019: Am Schöpfwerk
  • 26.09.2019 - 02.10.2019: Alterlaa
  • 03.10.2019 - 09.10.2019: Kabelwerk
  • 10.10.2019 - 16.10.2019: Am Schöpfwerk
  • 17.10.2019 - 23.10.2019: Alterlaa

Funded by SHIFT III.