Lecture Performance: Hacking Oskar

Friday, June 28
Oskar-Kokoschka Platz
Wien, Österreich

This lectureperformance will be held on the 28.06.19 from 2-4pm and is going to be in German.

In this lecture performance we invite our audience to not only dip into the world of urban games by actively playing, but also cover some theoratical grounds of game design for public spaces. We will talk about our work and why playful interactions can be especially fruitful at creating your own urban narratives.

We believe that the public space is a place for everyone. We live in a time, where more and more places in the city get privatized and designated for consumption. In our opinion it is important to create livable cities for everyone. We use playful interactions to not only change the ways we experience the public space but also to reclaim the streets of our cities.