Devising Interactive or Audience-centric Performance Workshop

December 1 - December 2
Austrian Cultural Forum London
London, United Kingdom

We and fanSHEN both make playful art with an audience centric approach. Sometimes what we make looks like an installation or a game and sometimes it looks like theatre. Sometimes it takes place in a theatre and sometimes it happens somewhere else. Sometimes it makes extensive use of new technologies and sometimes it doesn’t; it all depends on the topic and circumstances. In this 2 day practical workshop both companies will share the processes they use to make audience centric experiences and interactive performances.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Phillipp Ehmann and Clara Hirschmanner from Play:Vienna and Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe from fanSHEN. To apply to participate please email (subject PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP) and write a short paragraph in which you state why you would like to attend.