Tobacco City Inception

November 11 - November 12
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We'll be presenting our Game Paradiona at Tobacco City Inception. Plovdiv (together with Matera IT) is going to be European Capital of Culture in 2019. But already the city is dealing with it's history of tobacco making, as the warehouses nowadays are empty and not used. So Plovdiv is searching for ways to change our understanding of urbanity and bring new life to the city. Together with others we will playfully discover Tobacco City and talk about our experiences with urban games as a way of acquiring the city.

Paradiona is a radiobased horror game - a chase & search game for up to 15 players in urban spaces. You have died, your soul has been shattered into a million pieces and before you can leave these earthly realms, you are trying to collect as many pieces of your soul as possible. But wait, there is something creepy lurking in the ghostly shadows, quickly hide! for if it catches you, you will be doomed to roam the world as a ghost for eternity.

We'll play Saturday, 11.11.2017, starting at 08:00pm until around 10:00pm. On Sunday there will be a penal discussion, in which we will also take part.