Playin' Siegen Festival

18th April - 19th April
Siegen, Germany

The Personal Adventure Automat was part of the Playin' Siegen Festival!

You stand in front of a vending machine, promising you the "Adventure of your Lifetime". Encouraged by the shady hawker you gather all your strengh and push the button! Out falls an envelope, you open it and find a mobile phone. It rings. On the other side you hear a voice, "This is, when your adventure starts!""

The Personal Adventure Automat is an interactive telephone performance for one person. The vending machine promises a personalized adventure and transforms your everyday surroundings in a wondrous land of stories.

PRESS „Participating was like a timeout from the real world, but in the real world!“ – CTRL-Blog

Moreover we were part of a panel discussion on the topic of games in public spaces on the 19th April.