"We are a collective of artists, game designers, organizers and volunteers who regularly turn Vienna into a playground. Our games happen in streets, backyards, alleys, parks and in the special places all over the city ... Come and play them with us!"

Streetlife Festival

Death by Darktable: 3rd Eye on September 12 and 13.

Urban Games Night

Join our Urban Games Night at MQ/Raum D on September 15.

Journey Vienna 2015

Let them chase you! Journey to the end of the night on September 18.

Gamestage EXPO

Meet uns in Linz - on October 10 at the Gamestage EXPO.

Urbanize Festival

Go on you own personalized adventure! At the Urbanize Festival on October 11.

Game Design

We create games like Weeping Angels or the Personal Adventure Automat.

Our Collective

Andreas, Clara, Evelin, fin, NHM, pje, Simon, Verena.

The Festival

Our self-organized play:vienna festival. Previously in 2012 and 2013.


Our Press Package contains logos, photos, texts and reviews. Contact us here.


Social Media

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