Who is Play:Vienna? Play:Vienna was founded in 2012 and since then regularly turns Vienna into a playground. We are not only a collective of artists called The Street Game Conspiracy but also Austria’s first initiative for games in public space.

We organized two international festivals for games in public spaces in Vienna in 2012 and 2013. So far we have run more than 10 Journeys to the End of the Night in Vienna. For more information on Journey: Journey Vienna. Since December 2013 we regularly host so called 'Urban Game Clinics' once a month. Game Clinics are events where we (or you) bring games, test them, review our experiences together, and finally tweak them to actually work, or to improve certain aspects of the game. Everyone is welcome to bring game ideas or to just join the fun.

We design games and have been curated in over 10 countries all over the world. We are part of a vast network of collectives and people designing games for the public space.

Besides organizing events and designing games, we also teach game design through talks, workshops and university lectures. In the past we have been invited by both national and international educational institutes, conferences and festivals to share our knowledge.

What we want? We believe that the public space is a place for everyone. We live in a time, where more and more places in the city get privatized and designated for consumption. It is therefore important to have certain spaces where you can do what you want. In our opinion this is part of creating a livable city for everyone. We use playful interactions to change the ways we experience the public space. Familiar places suddenly become new and exciting again. Since the public space is a place for everyone, we try to make our events as accessible as possible. This means that we won't charge any money in order for you to participate.