Weeping Angels

A fan of Doctor Who? We are too! Designed by Philipp Ehmann and Abbi Davey from the Street Game Conspiracy, we see the return of the weeping angels, and now they're creepier than ever! Would you rather be the doctor and his companions, or a weeping angel? Armed with a flash light and your eye sight, or your insidiously terrifying moves you must compete to find that one artefact to win the game! Oh, and don't blink!

Weeping angels

The Smart and the Dead

Each round two duellers face each other like in a western-movie. Then the gamemaster calls out a question. Both players produce their smartphones and try to google the answer as fast as they can. Whoever finds it first shouts it out loud. The Loser has to "die" theatrically in order to keep his dignity. The game is run as a tournament in KO-Mode. At the start there is a short warmup and training phase.

More Games

More games

We are currently working on a) An indoor/outdoor game involving fast-paced photographer evasion tactics; b) Another game that's meant to be played in shopping malls specifically; and also on c) Some more stuff. ;) - Stay tuned!