Ludovico - Festival of Games

Saturday, 20th October
Schauspielhaus Graz
Hofgasse 11, 8010 Graz
Graz, Austria

We are excited to participate in this year’s Ludovico Festival in Graz with two of our games. We will play 3rd Eye: A Photo Assassination Game in the afternoon and Weeping Angels after dark.

3rd Eye: A Photo Assassination Game
The term ‘snapshot’ was originally a hunting term…

A surveillance-critical pervasive stealth game for public areas and photo enthusiasts. There are 3 players, 2 are photo assassins and carry a camera and a walkie-talkie each. The third player is the surveyor who carries a walkie-talkie only. The aim of the assassins is to take a photo of one another, without getting caught. First recognizable photo wins the round. All three players are connected via walkie-talkie. The surveyor's job is to hide in the playing area, stalk the assassins and signal their location over the radio in order to disrupt their stealth.

Weeping Angels
This game brings back the creepy Weeping Angels from the cult series Doctor Who. In this playful experience in the dark, you will need to find a treasure, armed only with a flashlight. But beware! the Angels demand the statue for themselves! Stay together, and whatever you do, don't blink!